Construction is one of the most needed but tricky businesses. The population of the world is continuously increasing, which results in an increased demand for housing schemes, commercial areas, offices, and other infrastructures. In addition to it, reconstruction of the old and damaged buildings add more work for the construction teams.

Although the workers try to complete the projects on time, a vast range of factors impact their performance and lead to project delays. These delays cause significant damages to the involved parties, which often result in disputes as well.

Quantum Analyst Use for Damage Quantification

When the involved parties fail to resolve their issues, they generally take help from the quantum expert for the resolution of issues. They get the opportunity of reaching an agreement and minimizing their losses with the help of experts. The experts also help in supervising damage quantification. Explore the rest of the article to know how they do so.

Top 4 Ways Quantum Analyst Use for Damage Quantification

Quantification of damages is a crucial and disputable task, as the contractor, owner, and other involved parties can try to blame each other. Quantum analysts have experience and expertise in handling the situation.

The following are some of the ways quantum analysts use to quantify the damages of any construction project.

Asses Cause and Effect of Damage

The quantum analysts follow a specific process to assess the cause and effect of the damages. They review the contracts, bids, and other documentary records to analyze the agreements between the involved parties.

After that, they visit the project site as well as talk to the involved parties. By doing an objective analysis of the situation, they present the report about the causes and effects of the damages.

Highlight Affectees of Direct Damages

One of the major disputes among the contractors and landowners is about the affectees of direct damages. Some parties often try to present themselves as victims in order to get compensations.

The quantum analysts assess the situation, as well as the finances, and prepare a detailed report of the damages. Then, they utilize it to highlight the party bearing most loss and resolve the issue.

Analyze Extension in Project Cost

Extension in the project cost is another major issue that arises due to damages in the project. The landowners do not want to allocate more budget while the contractors suffer from cost management.

 The experts play a significant role in resolving such disputes. They analyze the stats, delay in the project, and the market price of the goods and services, in order to approve or reject cost extensions.

Analyze Labor Productivity Disruption

Disruption in productivity is one of the most common impacts of project delays. This causes great worry not only to landowners but to contractors as well, as they have to ensure completion of the project on time.

The experts analyze the causes and impacts of labor productivity disruption. They prepare the strategies of resolving the disruption, as well as minimize the losses for all the involved parties.

Concerned about the damage quantification of your construction project?

No matter you are a contractor or a landowner, damage quantification becomes a major headache if you are unable to reach a solution. However, you do not need to suffer because of it.

You can hire the services of a quantum expert and get a detailed report of your damages, as well as the cause of the damages. You can also get an expert opinion about fixing the damages while keeping the losses at their lowest.

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